Therapy can help your teen thrive again.

Adolescence is a challenging time with so many changes and pressures.

Teens might not feel comfortable talking with parents or caregivers about certain things. They might feel like they need to protect family from their problems or they worry about how parents will react.

Therapy can be a space for teens to express themselves and think or feel through things. If it’s hard to find the words, we can explore with art or music too.

Are you worried that your teen might be struggling with

  • Academic stress

  • Behavior problems

  • Not fitting in

  • Low self-esteem

  • Grief or loss

Therapy can prevent challenges from becoming more severe.




I work especially well with teens who are

  • Grappling with growing up in a different country or culture than their parents

  • Questioning their gender identity or sexual orientation

  • Struggling with peer pressure and trying new things

  • Figuring out who they are and what their values, beliefs, and interests are

  • Managing complicated relationships or friendships

College Prep

I enjoy helping brilliant and gifted teens manage academic stress. I can help your teen prepare for and navigate top-tier universities, the UC system, and state schools.

It’s common for teens to be reluctant about therapy.

Encourage your teen to try therapy for a few weeks, and then they can decide whether they’d like to continue.
You can try reassuring them that therapy does not mean that something is wrong with them or that they need to be fixed. You care deeply about them and just want them to have someone to talk to. 

Jess has a genuinely sweet and honest presence. And I am truly grateful for how much I’ve learned through our connection.

Anne M.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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