Therapy for POC, LGBTQ, and women in tech

Everyone is unique.

And yet there are some themes that feel

familiar for many of us.

Can you relate to any of this?

Needing to be responsible for your parents because of the language or cultural barriers they face here.

Being bullied for looking, speaking, or eating differently.

Losing the connection with your homeland, relatives, or heritage because of immigration.

Feeling like you will never be good enough for the sacrifices your elders made to give you opportunities.

Constantly navigating different cultural values at home and at work.

Thai Therapist, Asian Therapist

Facing pressures that other people don’t see

Therapy for Asians

We are supposed to be the Model Minorities.

Excelling in school and work, appeasing, and assimilating was the way to fit in and climb the social ladder.

That often means being a perfectionist or workaholic.

Being the only POC in the room can be really uncomfortable. Sometimes you’re tokenized. And sometimes you’re invisible, especially when someone takes credit for an idea you just said.

But even when there are microaggressions, staying silent keeps the peace.

Therapy for Asians
Therapy for Asians

Sharing intergenerational gifts and traumas

Therapy for Asians

It takes strength, courage, and resilience to leave everything and everyone that you know to build a better life.

Our elders want the best for us and insist on sharing wisdom. But our lives are so different than theirs. From one generation to the next, there’s the struggle of whether to do what the elders say or find a new path.

And there’s the stigma. Saving face means we’re not supposed to talk about any hardships. But the unspoken anger or sadness can show up as loneliness and disconnection.

Thai Therapist, Asian Therapist

It’s stressful to feel like you have to choose between…

  • Taking care of your family, or taking care of yourself

  • Sticking with the most stable and secure job, or taking a risk to follow your passions

  • Pushing yourself beyond burn out, or asking for help

  • Hiding parts of yourself, your life, or your relationship, or having those tough conversations that might not go well

I’ve been through similar struggles,

and I can offer ideas and strategies

to help you find your way.

I’ve had the privilege of working with Asian Americans and internationals with backgrounds from countries, such as China, Thailand, the Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, India, and Pakistan.

Because of these experiences, I can offer a variety of different perspectives and help you find options, even when it seems like there are none.

I believe that you’re the expert on your priorities and your life. I won’t pressure you to make a decision that doesn’t feel good for you. There’s already enough of that!

I can help you figure out what to do or say, and how to manage those intricate relationships with your family, co-workers, or partner(s).

Thai Therapist, Asian Therapist

Jess is an extremely knowledgeable, empathetic, and intuitive therapist. The way that she communicates her ideas and analysis during our sessions is always very respectful and phrased more as suggestions or alternative perspectives versus being all knowing. This spaciousness has allowed me to deeply explore many experiences from multiple toxic workplace situations, challenges navigating Asian-American generational trauma, and difficulties with emotionally abusive parenting patterns. Brainspotting has allowed me to process and resolve a multitude of conflicts and internal turmoil within myself.

I am incredibly thankful to Jess for the huge progress I have been able to make in my mental health journey. Learning how to process my feelings, emotionally regulate myself, and grounding techniques are all important tools that have allowed me to handle future conflicts or stressful situations with confidence. I was truly able to develop a greater sense of self-esteem and in turn heal and grow in ways that I never imagined were possible for myself by means of Jess’s expertise.


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