My Approach

These theories guide my approach


Humans are social creatures. Who you are and who I am matters. To feel seen, heard, and understood can be healing and transformative. I will strive to create a space where you can speak your truth. Together, we can better understand your thoughts, emotions, or behaviors, some of which might be distressing or painful. I will listen with compassion and help you find your way through.


I believe that exploring the past sets a useful context for understanding issues that are coming up in the present. In particular, our experiences early in life can unconsciously influence how we relate to others and how we make meaning of the world. By clarifying what is influenced by the past and what aspects of the issues are more grounded in the present, we can better make decisions about how to manage challenges.


Stories are powerful. The stories we hear and tell about ourselves and our lives affect how we live. Stereotypes, discrimination, and institutional inequities can lead to negative beliefs about ourselves or societal pressures about who we should be or how we should live our lives. Although we cannot change the past, we can change the meaning we make of our experiences. You can re-write your story.


Jessica brings many gifts that help individuals at the intersection of society: a deep perspective of social issues/justice that is sensitive to the individuals involved and their environments, a refreshing cultural humility, a clear and gentle way of highlighting societal dynamics, and a subtle mind that can analyze social forces, including oppressive ones. Jessica is awesome!

Bill Say, M.A.

Diversity, Awareness, and Process Work

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